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Anarchisme Bulletin No 42 – Januari 2012


Hieronder treft men aan het door Bas Moreel samengestelde en verspreide Anarchismebulletin nr. 42. Het bestaat uit twee onderdelen: (1) activiteiten, (2) publicaties en (3) informatie. Deze ‘info’ komt tot Bas uit verschillende windstreken en dus in verschillende talen…De AS biedt zijn bulletin, onder enkele aanpassingen, aan zoals dat door Bas wordt verspreid. (th.h)



Auf dem Kongress in der TU Dresden wollen wir auf insgesamt fünf Podien, in zahlreichen Vorträgen, Workshops und World-Cafes Möglichkeiten zum internationalen Austausch und zur Vernetzung bieten. 
Zudem wird es viel Platz für kontroverse Debatten und Diskussionen zu Geschichte, Theorie und Perspektiven Zivilen Ungehorsams geben. 
Wir werden diskutieren, wie kollektive Regelübertritte bei Gipfelmobilisierungen, antirassistischen und queerfeministischen Aktionen, antifaschistischen Aktionen, bei Umweltpolitik und sozialen Protesten Anwendung finden.
Wir werden uns — insbesondere am Beispiel von Dresden – auch mit den politischen Gegenstrategien von Konservativen in Justiz und Politik beschäftigen.
Referent_innen aus über zehn Ländern werden (alle auf Deutsch) von ihren Erfahrungen bei der Parlamentsbesetzung von Wisconsin, den Protesten auf dem Tahrir Platz, den Anti-Nazi-Protesten in Dresden oder Occupy Wall Street und vielen weiteren Aktionen berichten.
Wir freuen uns auf Eure Teilnahme!

Info: http://www.ungehorsam-kongress.de/


In the framework of the bookfair there will be discussions and performances, for which suggestions and contributions are welcome.

If you can’t come, you can consider sending some free publications, posters and other materials. Or send books and other publications for sale, for which we will organise a common stall.

Contact us at anarhisticki.sajam.knjiga@gmail.com 

If you like to participate please let us know as soon as possible giving us details such as

– what you would like to do: sell, presentation, workshop, performance…

– whether you need help with accommodation (few free sleeping places available)

If you need a stall:

– how big

– do you need help at your stall?

– information we need: contact address, publishers represented, kind of materials sold

– can you contribute to the cost of the bookfair? (is not a condition to have a stall; the stalls are free)

Our poster is on http://www.ask-zagreb.org/anarchist-bookfair-zagreb-2012.pdf

More info:





info: http://www.anarchistbookfairsweden.se.



Brazilian Filipe Ferrari has translated Vernard Eller’s “Christian Anarchy: Jesus’ primacy over the powers” into (Brazilian) Portuguese, accessible at http://peplozine.com/?p=44 .

The English original seems to be out of print. Eller’s book is often mentioned together with Jacques Ellul’s “Anarchie et Christianisme”, published in 1988 by the French anarchist publishing initiative Atelier de Création Libertaire. An Italian translation of Jacques Ellul’s book is available at Elèuthera, Milan http://www.eleuthera.it.

Filipe Ferrari opened also a Peplo Zine (www.peplozine.com), a forum for discussions on theology and politics, for the time being only in Brazilian Portuguese but hopefully soon also in English. Materials and suggestions are welcome at filipe.ferrari@gmail.com and filipe@peplozine.com


Review of the book “Emma Goldman: Revolution as a Way of Life”, by Vivian Gornick. Yale University Press, 151 pages, $25


New titles/reprints announced for 2012:

Gabriel Kuhn, All Power to the Councils. History of the German Revolution 1918–1919.

Paperback ₤20.00. 9780850366495 May

Daniel A. Gordon, Immigrants and Intellectuals May ’68 and the Rise of Anti-Racism in France. Paperback ₤15.95 9780850366648 April

Ken Keable Ed., London Recruits: The Secret War against Apartheid.

Paperback ₤15.95  9780850366556  Feb

Phil Mailer, Portugal. The Impossible Revolution.

Paperback ₤16.95   9780850366488   May

Selma James, Sex, Race and Class The Perspective of Winning.

Paperback ₤14.95 9780850366501 May

Info: globalbook@btconnect.com


Every month CIRA Marseilles carries a list of new publications in its “Feuille d’infos du CIRA”.

For the December 2011 issue go to https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=9a35dedeef&view=att&th=1341e05b4fc66fad&attid=0.3&disp=vah&zw

New address: 50 rue Consolat, F-13001 Marseille

Opening hours: Tuesday 3-9pm. Wed-Fri 3-6.30pm.

Tel. 09 50 51 10 89



FIFTH ESTATE, Detroit. Spring 2012 issue

Proudly “supporting revolution everywhere”, as the FBI sees it since, may be, 40 years, the editors devoted this issue to “revolution everywhere” with a rich variety of articles, for instance:

– Revolution: Begins at Home

– Occupy Confronts the Power of Money

– Back to 1911 -Temporal Autonomous Zone

– Biting the Apple — iPhones & iPads

– Myth of Entrapment – Eric McDavid

– Against Negation; Positively Revolting; and many many more.

Gone seem the long thorough texts for which FE was famous in the old days.

Address: Fifth Estate, POB 201016, Ferndale, MI 48220 (Ferndale is kind of a suburb of Detroit, where it all began)




Rosa Parks was a black American woman who refused to sit in the back of a bus in the 1960s and thus started the movement that put an end to much of the discrimination of black people in the U.S.



Letter circulating in Catholic Worker circles.

From: Emmanuel Charles McCarthy <emmanuel222@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Jan 7, 2012

Heart Breaking News in More Ways than One

Archbishop Edwin O’ Brien, former military chaplain and former
Archbishop of the Catholic Military Archdiocese of the United States
who to this day teaches that the Vietnam War was a war in accord with
the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Catholic Just War Theory – as were the
war on Iraq and the war on Afghanistan – was named a Cardinal on January
6, 2012. Cardinal-designate O’ Brien was ordained a priest by Cardinal
Francis Spellman, who was also an avid supporter of the Vietnam War and
the Apostolic Vicar of the U.S. Catholic Military. Edwin O’ Brien’s
first priestly assignment after ordination was as Catholic chaplain to
the United States Military Academy at West Point. He  was ordained
bishop by Cardinal John O’ Conner, himself a former Catholic military
chaplain with the rank of Rear Admiral, and former Chief of Chaplains
of the U.S. Navy, on March 25, 1996. During that part of the war on
Iraq that began on March 19, 2003, O’ Brien was the most outspoken
Catholic hierarch supporting the war. From September 2005 to June 2006,
while head of the Catholic Military Archdiocese, he also acted as head
of the Papal Visitation to U.S. Seminaries to insure they were
teaching and implementing the Gospel correctly. On July 12, 2007, when
he was appointed Archbishop of Baltimore, the Baltimore Examiner
described him as “Army Jump-school qualified and troubleshooter for
God at Catholic seminaries and remote Vietnam War fire bases alike.”

The College of Cardinals to this day remains free of infection by a
single Cardinal who publicly believes and publicly teaches that Jesus’
teaching of the non-violent Love of friends and enemies is the Way of
Jesus, the Way of discipleship, the only Way of doing what He did.

If those in Rome, who decide who gets the red hat, could ever overcome
their fear of contamination of the College of Cardinals and of the
Catholic Church by Christic non-violence, and would want a few names of
bishops who could be at least a token representative of an entirely
acceptable and orthodox position within the Catholic Church, I would
be happy to forward a few such names.

After all, the selection of Edwin O’ Brien and the absence of a single
non-violent Cardinal is as clear a communication of the truth that the
leaders of the institutional Church believe, teach and abide by in the
execution of their explicit commission from Jesus: Mt 28:20

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

KW: I leave the author’s further considerations away. The whole letter is accessible at



Prominent figures from across Egypt’s political spectrum, including the Muslim Brotherhood, attend late night Friday Mass at Cairo’s main cathedral.



How to give a $$$ Donation to the (U.S.) Archdiocese for Military Services

A letter circulating in Catholic Worker circles:

On Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 3:56 PM, Jim Rauner <jimrauner@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear friends,

Perhaps some of you would like to support the Military Archdiocese also.

Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio
Archdiocese for Military Services U.S.A.

Dear Bishop Timothy,

I was quite surprised to receive a letter from you, since we have never had contact, and I am not a friend of the American Military.   I imagine that you find it quite awkward to send out a fund-raising letter for your work at Christmas time, since the peace announced by the angels is nothing like the “peace” that the armed forces of the United States bring into the world today.

America today is losing its democratic form of government and rather rapidly turning into the kind of vicious Imperial Power that Rome was at the time that Jesus lived.  None of our wars can be justified morally, since they are arrogant grabs for more and more of the resources of the world, to make our selfish style of life more luxurious, and leave others in abject poverty.

You point out that the country has been at war for 10 years placing a heavy burden on Catholic men and women, chaplains, and you bishop-shepherds !   Well, weeks before the president began bombing, the Pope spoke out in strong, clear language saying that going into this war would be immoral, illegal and unjust !  What did you and the chaplains say to form the consciences of our young men and women about an unjust war, what did the bishops of US dioceses do to educate young men and women to resist enrolling in an immoral war ? Teaching them about conscientious objection to war, about non-violent resistance to injustice and other options they have as Christians?


For the whole text with attachment go to https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&shva=1#inbox/134c9ac886b10771

12 January 2012

Kuba Waskowski

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